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Main Features

  • Fully editable messages.
  • Fully editable inventory menus.
  • MySQL, SQLite databases support.
  • Per-player language support.
  • Multiarena, Shared, Bungee server type support.
  • Multi BedWarsProxy servers support.
  • Supports server versions 1.8x - 1.19x.
  • 24/7 Support on my Discord server.
  • 11 Unique in-game modifiers.
  • Developer API available.
  • Statistics don't count when the game is private.
  • Enable or disable any in-game modifiers that you want.
  • A scoreboard placeholder that shows if the game is private [P].
  • Admin command to enable private game mode for a specific game.
  • Game Settings item to modify the game's settings for the hoster.
  • Automatically locks the private game for non-party members.